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Flooring Levelling Compound

Achieve smooth and even floors with our selection of floor levelling compounds. The perfect solution for when you want to create level floors, fill gaps between old and new floors or cover any irregularities in the subfloor. We provide a variety of floor levelling compounds that are appropriate for both inside and outside use. These can also be used on a wide range of flooring surfaces including concrete, tiles, wood, linoleum, carpet and more.

Fast Drying, High Strength and Self Levelling Flooring Compound

We have products that are fast-drying, high-strength and water-resistant making it easy to find the perfect product for your needs. Our floor levelling compounds are available in a variety of different formulations, so you can be sure your floor will be level and pristine when you're finished. 

Recommended by Complete Construction Products

One of our most versatile solutions is Ardex K301 a self levelling Compound that's fast setting. All of our products are different and if you require any help in selecting the correct flooring compound for your project then please get in touch.

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