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Flooring Screed

Provide the perfect foundations for your floor surfaces with our flooring screed products. We provide flooring screeds that can be utilised in a variety of flooring projects including covering tiling, natural stone, concrete and more.

The Best Flooring Screed for your construction project

In our extensive selection, you'll easily find the products you need to achieve a smooth and level flooring surface in many building projects. Whether you're looking for rapid setting times, underfloor heating compatibility, screed pump suitability, strength reinforcement, moisture protection or more, we're sure to have the flooring screed to meet your needs.

What is Flooring Screed?

In the construction industry, screed plays a crucial role in achieving a flawless final floor finish. This thin layer of material, similar to concrete but often incorporating fine-tuned additives, is applied over subfloors or insulation using a precise screening process. The primary function of screed is to create a perfectly level and smooth base, ensuring optimal compatibility with your chosen floor covering, whether it be tiles, carpeting, or any other desired option. Composed typically of sharp sand, cement, and water, screed offers numerous advantages. It effectively levels uneven surfaces, safeguards the subfloor from potential damage, and provides a robust and stable foundation for the final floor. Additionally, specific additives can enhance thermal conductivity for underfloor heating systems, further expanding its functionality. In essence, screed acts as the invisible hero behind a stunning floor, guaranteeing a smooth, durable, and long-lasting result.
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