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Nitobond HAR

Nitobond HAR is a modifi ed acrylic emulsion specially designed for use as a bonding aid and gauging liquid for cementitious systems. It is resistant to hydrolysis and can therefore be used for external applications.

Nitobond HAR is the recommended primer for the Fosroc cementitious repair system.
  • High adhesion -Provides excellent bond to concrete, masonry, stone work plaster and block board.
  • Increased strength - Improves tensile and fl exural properties of mortar. Allows thin section applications.
  • Versatile - Compatible with all common hydraulic cements
  • Economical - Economical to use
The substrate should be thoroughly soaked with clean water and any excess removed prior to applying one coat of Nitobond HAR primer and scrubbing it well into the surface. The Renderoc mortar can be applied as soon as the primer becomes tacky.
If the Nitobond HAR is too wet, overhead and vertical build-up of the Renderoc mortar may be difficult.
If the Nitobond HAR primer dries before the application of the Renderoc mortar, the area must be re-primed before proceeding.
In exceptional circumstances, e.g. where a substrate/repair barrier is required or where the substrate is wet or likely to remain permanently damp, Nitobond EP bonding aid should
be used. Contact your local Parchem sales office for further information.
Note: Nitobond HAR primer is generally not used when spraying Renderoc mortars.